Arranging Life

Through my ages I’ve carried a distinguished and highly refined ability to loose and misplace things. As you might imagine, the occasion of packing and moving then unpacking have allowed these talents to be displayed on their highest level of performance and aptitude.

Despite this talent, unique to me I am sure, things are getting along fine.
Deeder sleeps in a twin size bed (build for me when I was about his age) and Carly sleeps in the crib build for my brother Michael–they both sleep through the night, all four of us sharing a room in the basement. We have run of the house during the day while my mom is at work and the kids in school, my dad has his office at home so we try to be a little quiet for him.

I’ll add more later, Deeder’s up…

2 Responses to “Arranging Life”

  1. Kathie says:

    So cute to see Carly taking a nap with your parent’s dog:). And you are so lucky to have a four-month-old who sleeps through the night!!

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    Oh, the sweet Carly cuteness. :)

    Your new header is quite nice, too.

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