Sharp Shooter

In North Dakota Deeder watched “Gun Smoke” with Grandpa Harr every week day at 1pm. He learned to draw from the hip and shoot an imaginary pistol, complete with sound effects. In Montana these skills were further perfected as he met his cousins who love hunting and talk about killing things. He now goes through his days with imaginary gun in imaginary holster ready at any moment to draw and shoot. “P-phew!”

Sometimes he finds things around the house or in the yard to use as a gun, such as Uncle Seth’s light saber.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Seems that life out there is carrying on as usual! :) Im sure it’s nice that they’re little enough to not really realize/remember the cross country journey :)
    Your new banner (is that what it’s called) is cute! Looks like those little neck muscles are getting stronger!

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