High Chair Substitute

Why is my son sitting on the counter?

You might easily assume I had just been the victum of the typical two year old standard fussing and whining until mom gives into unreasonable things work over and given in. If this be the case, a little boy had just won a battle of wills over his mother. He will soon, if not already has, proceed to mess with things intentionally stored out of his natural reach.

Wouldn’t it be better to stick him in a high chair?

Deeder last March.
(note: yes, lack of bib equals stain spray situation)

Highchairs contain mess, as you see here with Deeder total souping up his shirt and tray but everything else stays clean and he doesn’t try to leave while eating.

The highchair is in storage and we’ve thought about digging it out and reintroducing it, but would that be worth it’s effort?

Deeder kneels on the table’s bench during family dinners and sits on the counter when he and I eat our breakfast and lunch. It works for us–looks silly perhaps, but I don’t mind.

Obviously I’m over annalizing, while I’m already at it, let me take this a step further and ask if you think I’m fitting under the Push Over Parent category or Just Being Flexable.

Right now I feel at the point where even the smallest little details of the interactions between Deeder and I are potential opportunities for me to take the upper hand and teach a lesson of guidance.

Here are my two little cuddly puddly cuteness babies:
Because no post is truly complete without getting both of them together…

And that’s all that I have for you on this Monday night.

BTW: Deeder’s eating humus on crackers, with a side of apple sause and a cup of milk (not coffee as it may appear) in the top pic.

2 Responses to “High Chair Substitute”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Hi, Sweetie. I like the cute pic of Carly and Diederick. <3
    Diederick sure has grown in a year!

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  2. Kathie says:

    Deeder looks happy- and if what you’re doing is working, then I’d go for it:). We’re trying to give J some small choices in his life (clothes for example) because we’re finding we spend so much time in helping him know what to do the rest of the time. At least he gets a little independence that way.

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