Step Back

Posted November 18th, 2005

New Life


Remember when my blog was a wedding planning blog? It seems like ages ago—those months of planning for the big day. Now the festivities are done, my online wedding album has expired, and the excitement of it all is just a happy memory.

These days I stay at home (in Vermont) with our dog. The two of us sleep and eat. When we feel brave enough to venture outside, we go for a walk. What with the weather getting so chilly (we’ve had snow twice already) and it being bear hunting season in the hills where we dwell getting out for a walk isn’t my first idea on the best-ways-to-relax list.

The latest and greatest news: I’m pregnant! Being pregnant isn’t fun at all; I manage to feel sick to my stomach and desperately hungry simultaneously. Whenever I feel in the utmost state of yuck I remind myself that my being sick means that the baby is healthy–and that makes it every bit worth it.

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