Table Time

Our family has always enjoyed board games, card games and all that other stuff, seems Deeder is following in that family favorite foot step.

While we had the games out he was able to forget for a little while how miserable he felt with his high temperature and stuffy nose.

His temp is currently 103.5 and he’s trying hard to stay happy–I do worry and am trying to keep a close eye on how he’s doing otherwise.

All of us are hoping that little Carly doesn’t get sick, she’s so small and hasn’t been vaccinated against any ills.

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  1. kathy hart says:

    Hope Deeder is feeling better!!

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    I see that your ‘moods’ on the sidebar indicates you are sleepy. That’s no wonder, with the sick little boy being up so much in the night. Maybe today he can go to the doctor for a throat culture to see what’s up. Poor him, and poor you. :(

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