Finally Smiling Again

Deeder with Auntie Cadet

And more importantly, eating and drinking.

Diederick went two days with no interest in water or food, and with a temperature of 103.5 at night. During the day he had this clammy, sweating and coolish feel to him; his face looked flushed and he was sluggish and quick to cry. The night before Thanksgiving he was so hot that my mom and I were thinking that we ought to take him into the ER. In the end we decided not to thinking that the business would probably frighten him and make the situation harder. We could have a very long and perhaps fruitless adventure ending only in more frustration.

That night he wasn’t able to sleep so I spent my whole official sleep time rocking the hot and sweaty Deeder, not my best night or his.

The second night was also resless but not as bad for Diederick–he spent more time in his crib crying just a little to himself and thankfully on those periodic wakings asking for a drink which I was more than ready to give him. My time was divided between Deeder and the now coughing but feverless Carly.

Yesterday Darren took Deeder to a walk-in clinic sometime in the late afternoon when his temperature was beginning to rise again. Darren and Deeder returned at about 6pm with an antibiotic that we’re to give Deeder for five consecutive days–hopefully by the end he’ll will be completely back to wellness.

Today Deeder was quite insistant that he ought to having a non-stop movie marathon going on; since he asked in such a pleasant tone following his word for movie with, “peas?” I couldn’t help but comply more than I usually would in a 24hour period.

I feel that he’s trying hard to be sweet but too plagued by his illness to quite get there. On the other hand, I have recieved reports of him being mean–ramming into people with push toys and hitting.

At least he’s showing signs of life beyond fever, finally gaining an appetite and smiling again. We’ll pick up our battle against the nature of two-year-old-nature soon.

Yes, I realize today’s CARLY’s SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY! and today’s post should have been about her!
Happy six months, Baby Love.

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  1. kathy hart says:

    So glad to hear Deeder is feeling better. I remember having that kind of illness once for each child. Thankfully both Nathan and Ben were very healthy boys and escaped much childhood illnesses!
    Happy 6th Carly!!

  2. Gramma Momma says:

    It’s such a blessing to see Deeder feeling better, able to eat and drink again. <3

    Gramma Momma’s last blog post..Sunday Walk

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