On the Way to Walking…

Carly’s legs are just long enough so that she can sit in the walker with her toes touching the ground.

Currently she’s only able to propel herself backwards, this is mildly annoying to her as she only gets further away from things that she was aiming at and is soon stuck in a corner. None the less, being able to move upright is, in her opinion, totally cool. New toys to touch and all kinds of visibility…once she can see past the toys.

Deeder too thinks this new advancement is cool–he enjoys joining in on the fun, currently having to learn his limits on what is allowed. He’s okay as long as he just stands on the outside, as seen here; when he climbes on top of the walker then it’s time to be done!

3 Responses to “On the Way to Walking…”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    I like the close-up of the little footsies. <3

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  2. lauren says:

    oh my! she’s getting so big! :)

  3. Kathie says:

    Carly and Deeder are so cute playing together!

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