Sittin Tight

Officially snowed in! With the snow coupled with ice being unusual for this area venturing out wouldn’t be wise at all. We plan to hang out at the house, cozy by the fire with loads of fun board games just enjoying each other’s company.

This is a record snow fall since 1996 and 30F is feeling pretty cold.

Snow nearly level with the back porch

More white in the yard, fluffy white and untouched…

From the kitchen window…

And inside, me and the kiddies…

Those who wish year after year for a white December 25th have certainly got it this year! We had planned to get together at my sister Kayla’s house for a meal and gift exchange but due to road conditions wont be heading into town.

2 Responses to “Sittin Tight”

  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Isn’t the snow beautiful?
    I sure hope it melts soon, though. Our part of the country just isn’t prepared to deal with continuing snow!
    I like the pic of you and the kiddos on the couch. :)

  2. Amanda says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but I am jealous!!! Its been awhile since we have had snow like that, we just get ice it seems any more! Must be nice to be locked up and not to have to do anything, just be with the family. But after a couple of days I know its time to pull your hair out!

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