Gone, But Not Forgotten

Hey guys,

As you might have guessed I’ve been snowed. Yep, snowed. Our tall internet receptor pole thing fell off and has been hidden under snow. This happening makes getting on line impossible and that’s the reason I haven’t been here to post more and more snow pictures. Have you missed having those? If you have, just skip back less than a year to when we were completely covered in snow over in Vermont. It’s not quite like that here and today we’ve been getting quite a sudden mess–it’s just a lot of slush, messy and inconvenient.

Thank you for continuing to come back and check for new entries–there’ve been 30 visits since I was last on and I appreciate that, your taking time out of the day for me.

A couple pictures later on if I’m able to get on the Net again. :)
We just got home from church. I need to get some food in my tummy and then in about half an hour after feeding the kids too we’ll take a nap.

See ya around. I look forward to visiting your blogs and writing more too.
Hey, notice how near I am to my 1,000th post?

4 Responses to “Gone, But Not Forgotten”

  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Hey, Sweetie! Lookee! I got online long enough to post a comment on your post! I haven’t tried to post one myself, yet. Maybe Dad will get the Clearw’re receiver up again tomorrow, and we’ll be up to speed again. :)

  2. lauren says:

    Hey Laura! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
    Just wanted to drop you a line, as I flew back to VA from VT this morning (6am flights are no good!). Anyway, there is no snow there! There was a little when we arrived (Dec 25th) but by Sunday (Dec 28) it had melted and it was like 60 degrees outside, no heavy coats necessary – though mud boots were a must!!
    Can you believe it? I guess the snow followed you to Washington :)

    Just thought I’d share! Hope all is well! Stay warm!

  3. kathy hart says:

    Yep, you made the national news with that snowstorm! And as your friend Lauren said we have almost no snow left, actually I miss the snow….. but I’m sure it’ll be back:) Please give all our regards!

  4. Kathie says:

    I’m getting caught up on your blog again! Hope your receiver starts working again so that you and your mom can post regularly.

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