Carly Annalise Taryn: 6 & 7 Months

Carly adores her big brother, and I’m so happy for that.


In fact, they’re together so much that the casual photo snaps aimed her way also include 28 month old Diederick. It’s the prompted photo shoot done during his nap time where I can capture Carly working on her sitting skills that you might expect in a baby her age. She’s a strong baby, with amazing balance–perhaps this has come from having to hold her own with her active brother. We are all guessing that Carly will be walking by her first birthday.


In addition to loving the company of her brother, Carly also has a vast love of food. We have yet to see even the smallest bit of finickiness in her whole being. When someone is eating and she doesn’t have a dish of her own Carly grabs desperately for whatever it is that she has spied and cries out at the unfairness of the whole ado. Her craving for more than what the baby nutrition guide says is appropriate doesn’t end with wanting more food than is officially hers, she also wants our drinks–including uncle’s beer.


This little girl, a blessing and such a fun bundle of personality craving to move and eat and speak needs her down time too. And she’s so beautiful in those quiet moments, just watching her is a dream.


Not only a dream because she’s so sweet but because it doesn’t last long (the sleep that is) and as quickly as she grows it seems the less and less she sleeps.

Those naps seem brief flighty seconds–little pauses between her ongoing exploration project. The project involves handling, examining and after thoroughly inspected, tossing any household objects within her reach. My mom says that it’s a sign of intelligence.

Carly can’t crawl yet, has just newly mastered sitting but her mind is going at top speed.

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  1. Gramma Momma says:

    Carly really is fighting to keep holding that beer bottle!
    I’ve noticed the same thing, that Carly desperately wants to eat when we’re eating, and what we’re eating.
    She’s growing up so quickly!

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