You Ask Too Many Questions

Word of advice from my dad tonight:

You ask too many questions

I didn’t need half a second to realize exactly what he was talking about.

During Diederick and my time together I continually ask him what he would like to do. In my mind it’s a cover up for shouting at him, insisting that he follow orders, then before angry shouts leave my mouth I smile and put it into a passive “please” which would give anyone with a brain the impression that I really don’t care whether or not he do what I asked.

I love parenting, but sometimes at the end of it I’m just exhausted. Not even at the end of it; some situations just make me tired, living them. I speak how I want him to speak–calmly. There are things that I insist on and then wonder if they mattered at all.

If you’re a parent and have a two-year-old to wake up with, join me in living a straight forward day where you lead. First though, sleep. The toddler is sleeping now, and so is his sister and daddy.
Then tomorrow be happy, firm and in control.

Tomorrow I’ll sit here again, feeling better.

Do you ask too many questions?

2 Responses to “You Ask Too Many Questions”

  1. renee says:

    I don’t do this, but my mom does. She’ll say (to a four or five year old): “Do you want to go unload the dishwasher?” When she means, “GO unload the dishwasher”. This is very confusing to my children. You don’t have to yell at Deeter, just tell him what to do, and if he doesn’t get up and “help” him (whether that means discipline, or helping him pick up his toys). The big trick? Only tell him ONCE, then get up and take action. I agree, I don’t want to go around yelling at my little ones all day.

  2. Kathie says:

    Wow- we have just started being clearer in our expectations, too; asking questions only when we’re truly happy with either answer. As in “should we build a tower with blocks or Legos?” Have been doing this for 1-2 weeks at most, and what a difference. I think J is much happier with more structure.

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