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GrammaMomma here.

I should have thought sooner to let you all know that Laura doesn’t have internet access right now. This Friday Darren and Laura will be hooked up with ‘all the fixin’s’ at their new home. I know she misses posting and interacting with all of you. :( She must be going crazy thinking up great posts and not being able to do much about it.

When I talked with Laura on the phone, she said that she is gradually getting everything unpacked and organized in the new place, in between all the busy moments (hours!) spent caring for the kids.

Little Diederick is quite pleased with his house. When I talk with him on the phone, Laura said he walks around the house with it, pointing out this or that thing which he probably thinks I can see. On my end, I hear non-stop, excited chattering. :)

This is a picture of Laura and Carly that I like which was recently snapped in our home. Isn’t Carly getting to be such a big girl? She still definitely prefers Mommy to anyone else, though her aunties are greatly beloved, too.
Here you see the little guy looking out the window of the new home.

Soon you’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program!

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  1. That looks like a great bird/squirrel watching window!

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