Happy Earth Day :)

Today I make the resolution to…

Keep Carly in cloth diapers (something I have fallen out of the habit of doing since we moved to NewHouse

And work extra hard on getting Deeder to “go” on the potty.

How are you honoring the day? Any special plans to be especially Green today?

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  1. Kathie says:

    Good luck with the diapers and the potty;). We were completely in disposables for February and March, and then I got serious about J using the potty, and T in cloth. And wow- it really does make a difference on the amount of trash. If it’s any consolation, the first two days of potty with J were hard; I think we used 5-6 pairs of underwear each day. Then he “got it” and now he’s even dry during naps and at night (though he still wears a diaper, just in case.)

  2. Lyd says:

    Oh man I love their matching outfits! “BYEGAMMRA!” He’s so cuuuute. :) I can’t wait to come see the bunny. Love you and the kids!

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