Baby Beauty


It’s no secret that my kids make me crazy sometimes. Or, more truthfully, they can bring out the surpressed insanity that I manage to mask. How’s that sound? Terrible, yeah I know.

But check this out. Isn’t she just the real thing…
Why my nights don’t mind having fragmented sleep and my days manage to be okay without naps where I really close my eyes for five minutes straight.

My husband says that there has to be an easier way to get through what I consider stressful. This is it, a sweet baby smile turned to peaceful slumber. Watching that makes everything smooth out.




It’s important to me that the kids enjoy life, even with my feeling like it’s chaodic I still hope to see them smile and laugh, and they do. I’m also starting to feel our new baby move beyond those first flutters–with still so many weeks before s/he arrives, I’m already imagining how busy my world will be.

Carly’s nap on the floor lasted about four minutes, ending when Deeder came in loudly requesting that we go outside. Oh well, I got pictures to prove that there was a pause.

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  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Oh, the sweetness of Carly. :)

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