The Baby Who Cried Wolf


She’s cute, cuddly and just crazy as I make ’em.

Sometimes we think that she just enjoys hearing her own voice hitting the very highest note at the loudest volume that she can muster. This theory stems from our observation of the frequent incidents of her being spotted making these noises–she has a big smile on her face as if to say that this is her way of bringing the world to her, sounding out her presence. And it works. People come running to see what’s up. For a while anyway, then they just accept it as part of Carly’s personality and live with the contrabultion that she so willingly makes.

Unavoidably though, with the territory of being under the age of one and not quite able to walk alone and otherwise act independatly she must call for help on occassion.
And what other way to ask for help than to cry out.

In the above picture Carly’d had a tray full of mini rice crackers and a tippy full of milk. This should have required a good 15 minutes for her to consume so when her trade-mark sing song noises began after just five minutes I didn’t leave my laundry folding ventures to check on her. After the estimated 10 minutes remaining on snack time ended I came back to the kitchen and found her asleep, tray clean.

That was an innocent and harmless lack of attention to the baby’s voice. Later though, when I heard her calling while I was vacuuming I decided to indulge her and stop what I was doing to give her some attention. Good thing too! She had her finger in the outlet that I was using for the vacuum. With her finger wedged between the outlet and the plug it would have been terrible if I hadn’t listened.

Deeder had a different song for whatever he was feeling, all fluctuating appropriately with the sentiment. Oh the simple days.

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  1. GrammaMomma says:

    I’m so thankful you rescued the baby who cried, “Wolf!”
    She IS noisy that’s for sure, but very lovable, nonetheless. <3

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