The Boy who Sleeps

highchairs and sunshine 028highchairs and sunshine 030highchairs and sunshine 032

I have so many pictures of Deeder sleeping–he’s just so beautiful.

Carly on the other hand spends so little time sleeping that I never take the chance of invading with the camera and waking her in those rare times.

highchairs and sunshine 015

6 Responses to “The Boy who Sleeps”

  1. Lyd says:

    OH man I loooove that last picture of the two little munchkins =)
    Awww they are so cute <3

  2. Auntie Sarah says:

    Your kids are so stinkin’ cute!!! Both Carly and Deeder are at such cute ages! I am so glad you and Darren are living here and we get to enjoy being a part of the kids growing up. :)

  3. GrammaMomma says:

    The picture of the kiddos in the box is the best! <3

  4. […] This is one of my new favorite photos of my grandchildren, lifted from my daughter Laura’s blog. […]

  5. tiffany says:

    Hello! Congratulations on the baby! It’s been too long since I was here getting caught up. Beautiful kiddos!

  6. Pam says:

    Molly eats her apples slices the same way! Too funny.

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