Tubby Video for GrammaMomma

After viewing this video that I took of him in the bath a couple nights ago Deeder laughed and said, “I funny boy, Mommy! It’s for Gamma.” Really I couldn’t tell you that I know why he wants this to be for my mom, nevertheless, here it is for GrammaMomma to watch.
We sure are looking forward to your arriving home again, Mom! I miss seeing you so regularly and I know that the kids and Darren (as well as Rebecca, Lydia and Seth) do too.

Perhaps Deeder wants you to see this because he knows you’re proud of him for doing new things and he rates soaping himself up as an especially cool accomplishment!

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  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Thank you for the video, Diederick! Good work scrubbing your own hair! <3

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