Three Minutes

We had a relaxing day today. I’m talking loads of reading, easy dinner and organizing the playroom. We tried to go outside for a bit of fresh air but that didn’t last long with all on-and-off rainy spells. I did get out the camera this afternoon so that I could do a little blog post.

Here’s three minutes from our Tuesday:

September09 163

Deeder enjoys changing this chair into a train, and taking Carly for rides in it. Interesting that it’s never a car…

September09 169

Carly can’t seem to manage sitting next to me on the couch to hear a story with her brother but can spend endless amounts of time.

Tomorrow is Diederick’s first pediatric appointment since we’ve lived here. His last was back in Brattleboro after he turned 2!
I filled out the 36 Month Development Survey that we received from the new clinic; there were only a few things that Deeder couldn’t do, like stand on one foot without support, put on a shirt without assistance. He thought that the whole thing was very funny and quite fun.

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  1. GrammaMomma says:

    It’s sure cute seeing Deeder and Carly play train. “All aboard!” “Choo, choo!”

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