My Messy Mess Makers!

Another visit to the doctor for me to check on Koen. The past couple times Deeder has come along with me but this time he told me that he wanted to stay home with Daddy and Carly to read library books. When I got home I could tell that he’d been busy studying those books! I certainly did have a talk with him about taking care of library books, he’s already heard it all but was just so excited to have fresh reads that I guess it was easy to forget!

October09 066

Carly of course loves climbing and sometimes finding her on great is a bit scary. She’s so curious–totally loves making herself tall and trying to reach things that she shouldn’t. She’s 17 months old now and could be meeting her new brother soon!

October09 065
Koen is now 36 weeks and 4 days along–he could come any day now.
Me just before I left this morning:
Feeling large and ready for the next stage…meeting the baby.
He’s such an active little guy and I’m just so looking forward to meeting him.
October09 068

I often get asked if my kids know that they’ll have a baby brother coming soon. Deeder certainly does, in fact he’s always talking about the baby…”You full, Mommy? Baby Koen’s full too.” or, “Shhh, Cary, Baby Koen sleeping!”
Carly on the other hand just seems to assume that her mommy is very fat and tired. She’ll no doubt be surprised to see a new little person hanging out at our house each and every day. Right now I think she’s too little to understand any of that, my hope is that she will accept and adore him.

4 Responses to “My Messy Mess Makers!”

  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Hi, Sweetie,
    I’m glad your doctor visit went well. I hope you get some good rest after the outing today, and doing all the clean up work once you arrived back home.

  2. auntie kaya says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to meet him either!!!!!!!!!!! Not that long now!

  3. Lyd says:

    CAN’T WAIT! Oh, that’s so cute–“Baby Koen’s full too.” What a cutie.

  4. Auntie Sarah says:

    Both of your kids’ thoughts on Koen’s arrival are super cute!! I love how you said that Carly just thinks her mommy is fat and tired.
    Making a mess of library books reminded me of how excited us kids were to bring new books home. Mom probably made sure they didn’t go everywhere, but it sure was something else to have new library books to look at!

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