I’m always receiving random things from Woot.com–today another package arrived.
This one was great! Here’s what it had inside:

October09 216

October09 213
October09 219
I guess you know that I already had the kids.

Guess how much Darren paid for these three buckets of blocks….
He told me five dollars. I wonder if that’s per bucket or for the whole bunch.

Either way–quite the deal! They’re real wood and each set includes 48 blocks. :)

3 Responses to “Woot.com”

  1. GrammaMomma says:

    What a nice daddy!
    Wasn’t it cute how Carly kept hoping to see her daddy while we were out running errands today? <3

  2. Laura says:

    Yes, she really does love Darren! She asks about him all day long and can never have enough hugs and kisses before he leaves for work.

  3. HeatherLynn says:

    I checked out Woot! That is great! I am so checking out that website often!

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