Our Little Cocoa Bean

Koen William is 3 months old. And just so cute. :)

I’m actually still coming to grips with the fact that I have three kids. It’s not that I forget about Koen, I just can’t believe that he’s really here and that he’s mine. He smiles bright and beautifully, just as happy to be with us as we are to have him here.

Sadly the main difference between him and my other two is his constant cough. He sleeps and coughs.
My baby is growing at a good pace and seems healthy in his eating habits and everything. The cough came home from the hospital with him, it’s just still here…no worse, no better.

Koen’s a sweet heart. That smile of his is gloriously cute. He isn’t a baby that people look at and say, “Now there’s no mistaking him for a girl!” He’s just beautiful, deep blue eyes and the little wisps of dark hair.

Carly calls her little brother “Coco” and Deeder calls him “Koen Willam”
I like Cocoa Bean best and hope it’ll stick!

This one certainly is a favorite for me.
Deeder with his classic “I know this is dangerous but it’s just so fun!” expression and Koen oblivious to what’s coming his way…a total face plant (don’t worry, he wasn’t too badly damaged).

As I look at this picture I imagine how the boys might have their own individual appearance as they get older. Right now they look pretty close, but to me Deeder seems fairer in complection whereas Koen has darker blue in his eyes and the hair he was born with was quite darker than the little tuft that my Deeder came with.

So our little Cocoa Bean is three months old, happy days. :)
He only wakes up twice at night now instead of being up constantly, that’s something that I’m very thankful for. Deeder tells me that he’s ready for, “a girl baby koen to be in your tummy now, momma.”

Maybe he’s had enough with this Boy Baby Koen? Or perhaps it’s just the more the merrier? I can go along with that! :)

4 Responses to “Our Little Cocoa Bean”

  1. auntie kaya says:

    I love Koko!!!!! I love his big eyes and his little snuffly noises and the way he smiles and how good he smells. :))

  2. tammy says:

    aww! thats so nice that deeder loves babies. your babies are so cute. its nice to see koen fatten up.

  3. GrammaMomma says:

    Oh, the sweetness of Koen…and Carly…and Deeder. <3
    That's neat about Deeder wanting a baby sister now. I guess Carly seems pretty grown up to him. :)

  4. Dor says:

    He’s a real cutie, Laura! Enjoy that littleness. It sure doesn’t last. :)

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