My baby is five months old

Koen turned five months the other day. I said he was four months in the video no doubt being confused by the fact that he just had a four month wellness visit a week ago. Also, I don’t keep track of his tiny milestones quite as nicely as I did with his big brother.

Koen is still working on holding his head up while laying on his tum tum, sometimes raising himself to an elbow prop position and rolling over somewhat.

He measured in at 14 lbs which I thought was fabulous considering the smaller size of his brother and sister at this same age.

I’ve mentioned in past posts (I think) that Koen has had breathing problems, mainly manifest in a continual cough. At the four month check I brought this up to the doctor who made a diagnosis of baby asthma. The inhaler that the doctor gave on a two week perscription seems to do the trick; Koen sleeps better and laughs more…it’s like he’s finally enjoying his life here with up and that’s a great thing.

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  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Hi Sweetie,
    The video of Koen is so cute. :) In some of the shots it seems like his eyes are changing from blue a bit. Is that just the lighting, or do you think so too?

    I’m happy that Koen is breathing easier now. Whew!

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