Yeah, I get it…

I need to write something fun.

OK. Tomorrow I’ll notice something and write about it.

I’ve taken to just living, smile and survive. :)

Well, and saying Thank You over and over to the lovely people in my life who help with all details.

You know, on Koen’s baby blog I never wrote in that he was born. Dude, I’m not kidding…that’s terrible.

Remember that post that I wrote called Sparling Grape? I’d love to take the time to write like that again, and on a regular basis too.

Anyway. 2am. Just got Koen to sleep.

Here’s a cute never-made-it-to-the-blog video of my Deeder and Carly, a couple weeks before Koen came into our family.

Sweet, huh? Undiepants dancy babies.
(I miss that space being open in the living room)

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