Saturday, and Blogging

I’m really a little too sleepy to write, but isn’t that the best time? I’ve decided that I want to write every day so I’m going to at least put something in here to start it all going again.

Our Saturday.

My brothers Mitch and Philip came down from Seattle for a little visit. They stopped in at our house for awhile then took Koen, Carly and I out to my mom and dad’s while Darren had Deeder out shopping for Sunday’s dinner.

Deeder joined us shortly at my mom and dads.
We spent a few hours over there; Deeder got to playing computer games with Seth (hopefully Seth didn’t mind the company), Carly napped after tiring of chasing cats, Koen got to be held by whoever passed through the house. In the midst of this I worked on my dreads.

(I adore seeing my dad hold my babies)

My nice momma made coffee for me while I was busy messing with my head. Thanks for the coffee, Mom. I’m still awake, even though it was only halfcaff. That’s a good thing, since I had a house to clean up and diapers to wash.
The diapers still need to be folded, but that can wait for tomorrow.

Time to sleep.

Blogging is a lot like working out, or organizing; if I procrastinate after supposedly comitting to consistency, yeah…not good.

Blur due to neglected camera lense.

4 Responses to “Saturday, and Blogging”

  1. GrammaMomma says:

    Hi Sweetie,
    I’m glad you guys came over, too, and that you’ve decided to blog more frequently. I’ll try to do more blogging, too. It’s great to look back and see what the family was doing, but I can’t do that if I don’t blog.

  2. Lyd says:

    Nice to see you blogging more. :) I like the Daddy + Koen pic. Love you Laura.

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks, ladies!

  4. Auntie Sarah says:

    I am glad that you are blogging more and taking pictures again! It is fun to start my day by reading your blog.

    The picture of Grandpops with Koen is so special and cute!! I love seeing him hold little people too :)

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