Play Situation

Darren often points out my aptitude to focus on things that I want rather than things that we have. I like to tell him that he’s generalizing.

I’m a half full kind of person, half empty is so not me. Right? Not so when it comes to the whole issue of outdoor play. Check this out.

The main attraction for my kids is an empty rabbit cage. We never got around to breaking it up after the rabbits demonstrated the worn down condition which it is in. They were able to chew their way out. I don’t mind waiting for the rot to be flatted and taken away, that is, if my kids didn’t go for it like they do.

Deeder likes climbing in the bottom, and up on a ledge. Could be worse, but still…not the ideal play thing. Then there’s the whole rusty nail thing, anything could happen with a kid Deeder’s age.

Carly loves riding (or attempting to) Deeder’s big wheel. She’s too small to reach the peddles yet. When she rides out front she slides down the drive and into the street if an adult isn’t standing right in front of her. In the back, the square piece of cement isn’t big enough for a real ride–she runs over into the grass and gets stuck, causing frustration and tears, eventual loss of interest.

If money weren’t an object I’d love to:

Create pathways for Carly to ride the big wheel, and add a nice climbing structure right in the middle of the yard to add interest and offer a safe and fun climbing spot for Deeder and any other little people who he’d invite in. I’d also like to plant a couple of great shade trees and then a hedge to divide the front and back yard, giving the effect of a secluded private play area. The back yard would then be an enjoyable and relaxing awasis.

Maybe first I’d better plant a tree that grows money year round.

3 Responses to “Play Situation”

  1. auntie kaya says:

    Cary: “Ball! yeeah! rock on, ball, rock on!”


  2. Alison says:

    Let me know when you find one of those trees. When do we get a dread update???

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