Darren Says

Darren’s in the midst of his at least fourth head-cold of the year and seems to be noticing life in a sort of rawness, affectionately titled by me The Eeyore Attitude–it’s the last bit of NyQuil, sinus pain, ear conjestion whipped up with good old fashioned pessimism.
Drinking coffee at the diningroom table he remarked, “You know, I just can’t have anything nice around here. You know that?? Name me one thing we have that’s nice.”

He was looking out the window at squashed tomatoes, freshly picked from his garden. If only someone had been keeping a closer eye on Koen (22 months) thus preventing the bucket from being taken and dumped then mashed into a thick paste on the grass, if only.

Me: (looking around the kitchen) “The butter dish! It’s nice.”

Darren: “No, even that needs work.”

He was also lamenting a dented photo button from two years ago that we had done at the county fair. No doubt something heavy was set on it in my haste some busy day.

The crocodile puzzle from Cambodia is missing his neck piece and the puppet sailor guy from Venice has only one leg, those things are my once-in-forever gifts also in the kitchen (I keep them on the window sil where they’re safe from further damage). Their incompleteness makes me sad, but I still love both things and of course the people that gave them to me.

Wait til Darren comes home and sees the TV remote is missing. I’ve looked everywhere, and I’m sure it’s right there where I’ve been looking the hardest.

Our life certainly is customized, and I don’t just credit the children! I’m apt to spill things, set important papers, “somewhere safe” and not be able to rediscover my fabulous safe spot until it no longer matters.

It is just about time though that I do something awesome, truly worth appriciation! I get caught up in doing enough and being thankful Darren doesn’t insist more of me. Perhaps I’ll make something uber yum for our anniversary dinner on Saturday. Or better yet, pay for dinner out!!
Any takers for babysitting three monsters?

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  1. Renee says:

    I get it. I really do. Just the other day Chuck said, “What, five more years until we can have a nice couch?” as he glanced at Apollo. Everything here is: ripped, torn, chipped, or damaged in some way. This too shall pass, right? Besides, Darren has a nice wife and kids ;)

  2. GrammaMomma says:

    Even the butter dish needs work! That’s funny! I like the way your place looks, Sweetie. Poor Darren. I hope he feels better soon.

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