The Day Before The Day

Tomorrow we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. The excitement is running high–my kids and I are really into looking at names as we talk about what we’re having. Darren on the other side of things absolutely refuses to hear any of our ideas until after we really know the baby’s gender. In my annoyance with that, I told him I’m inclined to not let him know what we’re having at all! Of course I can’t do that. :P Really, I’m just craving he share in the fun of picking out a name and I do want him to know.

Anyway, I thought that today I’d like to check out how close Koen’s ready to being potty trained. Around here, that’s the true mark of being a big kid. It would be perfectly fitting for the family baby to be a big kid by the time a new baby comes around, right?
So as soon as I had Carly back from Preschool I took off Koen’s diaper and gave him sippy cup after sippy cup of juice, water, milk whatever he’d take and waited. It was a great day for this experment–sun and warm, keep the diaperless baby outdoors where damage will be minimal. He did pee in the potty once, but the poopy went everywhere! In all, my 22 month old soiled three pairs of training pants and one outfit. After dinner he got a nice long tubby time and was quite pleased to see that he was getting the diaper back, along with his favorite monster truck jammies.
I love my baby Koen William and imagine that it’s quite possible he’ll be yet walking around with his big cloth diaper when his little brother or sister joins our family.

So boy or girl for this next one? Maybe the technician wont be able to tell, or perhaps they’ll find some terrible unexpected problem with the baby that will really change our lives.

Today is the day before the day. :)

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