Big White

hoohoo! check out that length. Good thing that it has a bustle!!

Wait until you see the real flowers! They’re absolutely gorgeous.

6 Responses to “Big White”

  1. darren says:


  2. darren says:

    Kind of leaves me speechless

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks guys!
    Btw, Amanda, happy third anniversary! I’m so looking forward to seeing you again. :)

  4. Jode says:

    Oohh, you look wonderful. It’s lovely, just lovely, so pretty and the style suits you. :D Nice pick ;)

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks you, Jode! The style suits me, eh? I feel fancy in it, that is for sure, nearly like being in a costume. There once was a day when girls wore poofy things like this routinely. Wow that’d be weird!

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