Faith in Things Unseen

Me: “When do you think Abegayle’s going to come, Car?”

Carly: “I don’t know, Mommy. But I’ll ask God.
God, when is my Baby Sister going to come to Mommy?”
C (in deeper voice): “In four weeks, Dear One.”

Then to me, Carly said, “Mommy, God says you have to wait for a while.”
I asked her if she talks to God a lot like that and she replied that, “Yes, because He fixed me.”

The faith that a 3-year-old can have in things unseen, while adults struggle to find that something deeper and bigger than themselves. Carly just accepts and believes in a way that fascinates me.

And when was it that I told her there were four weeks left on her sisters gestation? Anyway, she’s right. I do (Lord willing) have a while to wait yet for that second daughter.

But, in case Abe’s early–the bags are packed, and I’m a ready to go. Right now Darren and I are just asking for a healthy baby and a safe delivery like the others. Carly says she has faith in God because he’s taken care of her–I have faith too, he does care for his dear ones.

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  1. Kayla says:

    hahahahhahahahaha!!! oh carly!!!

  2. Laura says:

    she’s excellent, isn’t she. :) i also get a laugh out of the things she tells my doctors. for example, “when i came out of my mommy’s tummy she said, ‘grow up tarry to see’ so i growed up then she loved me” ok, that’s not really funny.
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