How He Proposed (re-posted)

I am reposting the story for my friend Alicia ( We met online eons ago and have yet to meet in person. Now that I’m going to be on the east coast, perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to get together.
April 30th was the day. I knew that I loved Darren for sure prior to the agreement of courtship. And, I decided that I most definitely wanted more than anything to spend life with him before he proposed.

So how did the actual proposal really happen? Well, I kind of thought something might be up when one of the little girls came out of the house and announced that I couldn’t come into the house because, “Mommy and Daddy and Darren are talking.” Sounds important.

Later Darren and I went for our walk with the dogs. We just talked about miscellaneous stuff, nothing too memorable. As we neared the house Darren dropped what he was saying about the pros and cons of possibly selling his truck, “Sit by me at family worship, OK?” To that I said something along the lines of “Uh, sure, why?” and he said, “Just because.” That’s the best and easiest (though not the clearest) explanation for almost every possible question on earth, by the way. So I sat by him. We read the Bible and sang a psalm and prayed.

My dad said, “In Jesus name, Amen.” Darren took my hands and kneeled down beside me. Tears started to appear in his eyes; for a few moments he just looked at me before he found words. Everyone sat around staring as he poured out words about how God had brought us together and how he’d been waiting for me for such a long time. “While you were growing up God was preparing me for you. I promise to keep loving you and taking care of you as long as we live. Marry me?” The only word I found at the time was, “Yes”, thankfully it seemed to suffice. In my throat was that lump that suggests tears and laughter should occur at the same time.

“You know,” said Darren about half an hour later, “I made that all up on the spot. I didn’t plan one word. I hope you remember though, people are going to ask how I proposed.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    That is so sweet, Lou! The part that I think is especially special is the “While you were growing up God was preparing me for you” part of his proposal.

  2. Darren says:

    The sad thing abaout marrying you my love is that I wont be able to ask you to marry me again. I love you sweetie.

  3. Laura says:

    Yes, it was very sweet! I completely agree. Darren, hmm…I don’t know what to say to that one, because yes it’s true that you can’t really ask me again. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be terrible if you never asked! Life holds many future adventures for us, I’m sure.

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