And the green grass

Grows all around all aroud, and green grass grows all around. And the green grass grows all around.

Koen swirling in front of our house

My Abegayle in her livingroom swing with May colors in the background

This year it’s all about what we planted last year coming back to life. Not only is it back but it’s looking to be quite the fantastic feature!

I have a confession:
Mowing the lawn is fun.
And sheepishly I admit to caring that my lines are straight out front with the grass cu, and feel only the slightest bit annoyed by clover finding it’s way through that lush sod. Why embarrassed by this? Because last year, the year before too I teased Darren for being such a part of suberbin society, caring about cut and color outside. But here I am now, caring that it’s all even. And loving it. :)
Rain rain go away?


We're happy for sunshine!

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