Finding another part of my heart

This is Yana of St. Pete’s Russia

And these are my boys in the Ukraine. Neil is 6 (born the same month as Diederick), Jeremiah will be 5 in December, Barnabas will be 4 in October (same month Koen turns 3) and little Logan is 2 (with a Febuary birthday like my Abegayle)

Yana is 1 year old and has Downs Syndrome but is otherwise healthy.

Yana’s parents are alive, but do not want her…
The boys parents died this year, never to see or celebrate another birthday with their handsome young sons.

My heart goes out to these children and were I 35,000 dollars richer, and 35,000 again I would have them all. Nine kids to put to bed at night, 9 to dress for church, nine to keep together at the park.

But once again, GOD says no. Be faithful in little. Pray. Bring my little children unto me.

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  1. Leila says:

    Hi Laura! I am going to be doing a post on Yana very soon. Do you have a link to your auction that I can provide the readers? Thanks so much! You can reach me at
    Leila recently posted..Please don’t ignore her. She’s been overlooked all her life.My Profile

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