Yana’s Treasure Chest

The auction for Yana has been moved from an Event on my Facebook page to a Page of it’s own.

Hope for Yana: An Orphan Fund Raiser

To specify on the workings:

I have asked people to put in pictures of their item, with a description, end of auction date and beginning bid.

If you see something that you would like,

Please immediately write in under the picture as a comment a bid higher than the donation’s suggested first bid. If your bid is matched and raised, and you think that you would like to go on, do so.

When the date of the auction’s end arrives, by that midnight I will close the auction.

Your winning will be mailed out first thing in the morning following my proof that you have donated the total of your final bid to Yana’s adoption fund.

Example: Beautiful, Brown, Batik Masterpiece Quilt Is won at $70, you must go directly here See Sweet Yana? You’re in the right place. Make your $70 donation. Reece’s Rainbow will send you a nice receipt which you’ll forward to me. Also, send me your address…I’ll give that to the vendor who will promptly mail out your winning.

Event to Page. The change from Hope for Yana: An Orphan Fund Raiser was a recommendation from other woman who are working to raise money for children also involved with the RR program. Basically, the Auction is more public this way. An item not won, will be relisted with a new Auction Ending date, other items may be added and on and on. You invite your friends and they add more cool stuff.. Without having to add me as a friend. :-)

Hopefully this sounds easy, and together we can bring further Hope to Yana by growing her fund.

Next blog post? “How to Catch Yana” and “Who is Reece?”

Do ask! Heh. All for now!

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