Also, I’m Not Quitting

It’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about my last blog post’s title. If I had a Facebook page for this blog, I wouldn’t be proud of saying that.

My kitchen is every night far from spotless. My daughter says that she prefers her room messy.
So what? That’s not the end, every day is a new beginning. I’m hoping that’s the case!! That I get another chance.

There’s a fresh color of paint for the basement bathroom. I wanna be the one to put it on, and yes, I’m looking forward to finishing up that pile of shirts that need to be ironed.

In the morning I’m going to serve my son breakfast, make sure his clothes are as close to best as they’ll be; we’ll go brush teeth and I’ll smile at how meticulous he is with his hair combing job. I’ll give him a kiss, and remind him to turn in the book that he brought home.

Monday’s are special because my Carly hasn’t started her school week yet. She gets to sleep in and just enjoy being with “the little kids”. She loves our parakeets Mustard Seed and Blue Bear as well as drawing or playing with her animals and dolls. During the summer she rode bike quite a bit with her brother and the neighbor children. As the weather is getting cooler she’s much more preferring to be at home.

(Self portrait by my two year old)

Koen is my shadow, and is becoming a little photographer. Actually I really don’t mind him using the camera. Without a doubt, his pictures are my favorites. That being said, I have to delete quite a number of pictures before I put my camera card in the computer to transfer pictures since he so enjoys taking pictures of the birds! I only need so many of them.

Yes, that Abegayle Joy! What an appropriate middle name we landed for that girl. She is an absolute joy, just a ray of sunshine in our lives. I could say that a million times over. And to watch her grow? Such a gift. All of us purely adore her.

With that, I’m ready for another day. To embrace yet again tomorrow, whatever little details it’ll hold for me.

(Diederick washing his bike this summer, I have to note this since it very clearly looks like he’s doing something else :P )

2 Responses to “Also, I’m Not Quitting”

  1. stephanie says:

    Are yr parakeets tame? How do u find time for them? We bought two a while back but found out I just couldn’t keep up. And u know all those feathers and poop. I pretty much sold them right away. Claire was sooo sad. Yes,I felt bad. We might get chickens. Those are outside,so hopefully it’ll work. Do u do dishes immediately after u eat? I do. It seems to help esp when yr tired in the evenings,there’s only the dinner dishes that are out. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Laura says:

    Parakeets are too messy and you’re thinking about chickens? Dude. That’s interesting!
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