The Realist

Not only does Diederick have a new interest in drawing, he loves it and is becoming more and more detail oriented in his work. My six year old wants to have everything true to life as best as he is able.

Tuesday I found him taking a picture of his face then carefully making an oval with erasable marker on his little white board. He asked me to take pictures of different body parts so that he could copy them into self portrait.

The smile was big, the arms long and the feet ginormous, the ears twice the size of the head. One hand in his picture had ten fingers, the other had six. I wish I’d gotten a photo of the finished product. But he erased the work in half the time that it took him to make. Next came a picture of clouds with a rainbow, although it was just black pen on purple backing, it was cheery as ever was one in the sky after a refreshing rain. Loving this boys art.

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