Breaking up Cobwebs: Another New Beginning.

I’m going to dust myself off and pick up that ole writing thing that I take a swing at every blue moon.
Because, remember, I Wanna Be a Writer

SO. I’m intending to do the National Novel Writing Month Project this year! It’s a chance to channel writing into legible form. My choosing to do this is rather short notice, realistically I should have been planning to do NaNoWriMo at least a month or so ago.

This year has whizzed by.

If you’re interested in this too, start here

My brother is going to set up a separate blog off so that I can keep my novel writing apart from the rest of whatever it is I post here!

I’ll be writing about my recent desire to start a business, which is news to you! How it began is by one day walking by a building that has always been there, just brought out by a fresh coat of paint. I noticed it and felt so drawn to it! Immediately I began thinking of what I could do with the space, starting of course with wondering what it is that I care about that other people might also.

The Object of November with this project is just to write as fast as possible, high word count, unedited one post daily. December is editing month. Every day correct the corresponding day of November.

Thursday it begins. I’ll let you know the web address that I will be using. You know how sloppy my work can be. You’re welcome to laugh–it’s not like I can see you or anything.

3 Responses to “Breaking up Cobwebs: Another New Beginning.”

  1. Grammamomma says:

    Yay! I enjoy reading what you have to say :)

  2. Katie Powell says:

    Hey, it’s Thursday!! Where is the link???
    You know what building I love in Everson? Its that cute little yellow one with red or orange trim, it’s between Riverside Park and the old Copeland’s building, on the righthand corner just as you are driving out of Everson.
    Anyway, I finally finished reading all your posts, I loved looking into your life and ‘hearing’ your musings :) Your 2012 posts seem to be the most introspective, and the subjects you discuss are much more complicated, but extremely well written to me…very interesting ideas to me and clearly expressed. I have thought about how you describe the moment after birth, how you take that moment for yourself and why, over and over again.
    Also, I think its good that you live in NW and close to your family again, I love Darren for recognizing how important that is and for providing that for you, because he wants to make you happy.

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