First Chat

Chris Tylor sent me the church chatroom conference from July 4, 2003. I’ve copy and pasted in the bit where Darren and I begin to dialogue back and forth.
Thanks Chris, for sharing!

For those of you who don’t know, Darren is yodelladywho. How on earth did the guy come up with such a silly name?? Well, it’s one of the nicknames for his dog Heidi.

yodelladywho (1:55:44 AM): The church has certainly grown since I joined in 94 It is awesome to see it growing so fruitfully
yodelladywho (1:57:45 AM): How many families are in Washington Laura?
laura_anne_85 (1:58:23 AM): Do single guys count?
yodelladywho (1:58:43 AM): sure
laura_anne_85 (1:59:04 AM): Okay… four families
yodelladywho (1:59:10 AM): Chris counts up to 15 now
yodelladywho (1:59:34 AM): I can count up to 9 is all
laura_anne_85 (1:59:43 AM): nineteen people here
yodelladywho (1:59:54 AM): wow thats a handful
laura_anne_85 (2:00:16 AM): eleven are just us Tarons
yodelladywho (2:00:30 AM): In ND there will be 6 this Lord’s Day
yodelladywho (2:01:13 AM): I have heard of the name Tarons but have not spoken to any— so hi Laura
laura_anne_85 (2:01:33 AM): We also have a family from Seattle who are visiting on and off.
laura_anne_85 (2:01:48 AM): Hi to you too
yodelladywho (2:02:14 AM): Greg tells me about the families in Washington and speaks well of them
laura_anne_85 (2:02:45 AM): that’s nice to hear
yodelladywho (2:02:56 AM): Is Vancouver the place
yodelladywho (2:03:12 AM): or is that different
yodelladywho (2:03:14 AM): ?
laura_anne_85 (2:03:18 AM): we haven’t seen either Greg in ages
laura_anne_85 (2:03:58 AM): Vancouver BC?
yodelladywho (2:04:18 AM): Isnt that where they use to meet?
yodelladywho (2:04:52 AM): Im totally lost when it comes to where all the members live
c_tylor (2:04:56 AM): You just live 5 minutes from the Canadian border, right?
laura_anne_85 (2:05:41 AM): Right, Chris
laura_anne_85 (2:06:32 AM): Actually, yeah we did meet in Vancouver once upon a time
yodelladywho (2:07:03 AM): thats what I thought
laura_anne_85 (2:07:09 AM): that was when we had eight families
yodelladywho (2:07:37 AM): Greg B. encouraged me to move out there some years ago when I was milking cows here in ND
laura_anne_85 (2:08:06 AM): wow
laura_anne_85 (2:08:31 AM): Well for a while there it looked like Pastor Price would be coming here to Washington to live
yodelladywho (2:08:34 AM): but in God’s providence he had me stay get my nursing degree and hopefull get out of here
laura_anne_85 (2:09:54 AM): right
yodelladywho (2:10:43 AM): I love ND but and there are many buts
tellurianiam (2:10:45 AM): how far along are you with your degree?
yodelladywho (2:10:55 AM): I have one year to go
yodelladywho (2:11:46 AM): Then i will work on my masters after two years in the field
c_tylor (2:12:39 AM): that is a lot of nurses in Albany
laura_anne_85 (2:12:58 AM): yeah really
yodelladywho (2:12:58 AM): how many will there be?
yodelladywho (2:13:17 AM): I know of two young gentlemen there
tellurianiam (2:14:07 AM): Larry is a Doc.
tellurianiam (2:14:17 AM): Dr rather
yodelladywho (2:14:33 AM): the best thing about the BSN degree is it has a lot of options and opportunities
tellurianiam (2:15:00 AM): Leah is becoming a nurse..but she isn’t in Albany
yodelladywho (2:15:33 AM): Larry and his family will be moving to a small town about 100 miles from Albany in a year or so
c_tylor (2:15:45 AM): true Jody
tellurianiam (2:16:19 AM): yeah I heard a bit about that
c_tylor (2:16:27 AM): Is that so, Daren. That will be a change, since their house entertains so many visitors.
tellurianiam (2:16:36 AM): which is too bad in more then one way
yodelladywho (2:16:44 AM): Has Leah started college?
yodelladywho (2:17:09 AM): 100 miles isnt bad I am planning on looking into the town as well
tellurianiam (2:17:11 AM): she did her prerequisites last year
c_tylor (2:17:26 AM): What town is it?
tellurianiam (2:17:28 AM): so either she’s doing it now or starting in the fall
yodelladywho (2:17:41 AM): I dont even know Just know its 100 miles from albany
c_tylor (2:18:05 AM): There are some very nice, friendly little towns north of Albany
c_tylor (2:18:13 AM): Saratoga Springs, Glen Falls
tellurianiam (2:18:14 AM): so that’s about an hour and a half away?
yodelladywho (2:18:42 AM): He said the name but I didnt pay any attention to it
tellurianiam (2:20:30 AM): well that solves a q Belinda asked me this morning
yodelladywho (2:20:44 AM): I love mental helath nursing and what I would be getting into if I moved where Larry is going is cardiac re-hab
laura_anne_85 (2:21:41 AM): Well good night everyone I’m too tired to stay up any later. It’s been good chatting with ya’ll
amylynn214 (2:21:49 AM): ‘night Laura
yodelladywho (2:21:53 AM): Goodnight laura
laura_anne_85 (2:22:21 AM): have a good week end
laura_anne_85 (2:22:31 AM): er… a good Sabbath
c_tylor (2:23:00 AM): Good night
laura_anne_85 (2:23:04 AM): bye for now
c_tylor (2:23:06 AM): It is just Friday
yodelladywho (2:23:15 AM): So what happened in MSN? Some guy seemed to have the room under his control calling us “wimps”
c_tylor (2:24:32 AM): one of Martin’s old sparring partners
c_tylor (2:24:49 AM): he likes to make Martin and all his friends miserable
c_tylor (2:25:19 AM): he seems to have mental problems too, and he is a former stalker or something
yodelladywho (2:25:23 AM): he didnt seem to have much good to say! So is he gonna keep on with this misery
yodelladywho (2:25:53 AM): I tried reporting him but he seemed very invisible
c_tylor (2:26:11 AM): well we might have to switch to IRC if he does this again
c_tylor (2:26:28 AM): since MSN doesnt have the ability to stop nuisance people the way that does
yodelladywho (2:26:34 AM): IRC?
c_tylor (2:27:21 AM):
tellurianiam (2:27:32 AM): that jeff dude?
c_tylor (2:27:40 AM): it is a lot bigger than MSN
yodelladywho (2:28:19 AM): I will have to check that out– mirc
yodelladywho (2:29:10 AM): It would be nice if Yahoo allowed for room names One that we could keep going all the time
yodelladywho (2:29:35 AM): i think for religion it just has room numbers
yodelladywho (2:30:29 AM): That light dude that was on here Monday seemed very interested in the covenanters
c_tylor (2:30:59 AM): Yes it would be nice to see him again
c_tylor (2:31:18 AM): I left while Nick was still talking to him. How did that go after I left?
yodelladywho (2:31:59 AM): Nick did a number on Him. He kept asking the questions and Nick kept answering them
yodelladywho (2:32:40 AM): Then we got into images of Christ issue
yodelladywho (2:33:25 AM): and light backed down arguing for that at the end
yodelladywho (2:34:02 AM): He had a picture on his profile of the crucifiction and he gradiously took it off
yodelladywho (2:34:40 AM): He believes he is called to the ministry
yodelladywho (2:36:55 AM): I have zero tolerance for any author who writes a theology book and has pictures of Christ on the cover. That is a dead give away the author knows nothing
c_tylor (2:40:58 AM): you would go that far? I never really considered the matter
c_tylor (2:42:25 AM): but then again, in retrospect, I don’t think there is a single book I ever heard of that with a reputation for penetration that had anything of that sort in it.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Whoa, spooky weird. To think neither of you had any idea… Well, maybe Darren was thinking something along the lines of *eligible-girl-alert*, but hehe. :P And, hmm, why did he go all CAPS at the end..?


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