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I’m happy to announce that the fund raising efforts are beginning. Instead of focusing exclusively on Marnie, I want to also support awareness for Bulgarian orphans with Down Syndrome older and younger. This fund raiser will be to profit equally parted between the three girls is by Mary Kay’s consultant Heather Burger. She’s a successful beauty consultant, but will be up against a challenge working exclusively through the Internet! It’ll be exciting to see how this works out. :)

She’s researching ideas for the party. I will post the web address of where it’ll be held. Anyone out there use Mary Kay products? I thought it appropriate since the fund raising effort is for girls, right?

Above is the banner created by my co-host, owner and designer of Snap-EZ Diaper who introduced me to Reece’s Rainbow. She also hooked me on cloth diapering!

The online Mary Kay party to benefit Marnie, Priscilla, and Millie is planned to run the month of February.

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