Not his birthday, but what a flash back…

I really want to write, but I’m not on the computer that has my most recent pictures. So here I have one 6 1/2 years ago, against one 1 month ago. Of course I don’t need a second to find something to say about this first born of mine!

618314-R1-045-21148650_10152457178990425_1588433065_nOf my kids, it’s Diederick who I have the most vivid memories, here are a couple that make me go, “Oh wow, that baby turned into this big guy???”

He’s still gives hugs and kisses and plenty of “I love you Mommy”s

Diederick enjoys taking things apart with care and can put them back together following illistrated instruction.

He tells me that his favorite at school is art, and spends so much time with legos and his big white board. His ability to draw is improving all the time, sometimes I catch him copying down in picture what he has just built. If I had it on this computer I’d put up pictures that he has taken of his lego structures. :)

Diederick has always had things to say that made me smile and just need to share his wit with the world. Often, more often than not, it’s his perceptions of the ordinary. It’s either eye opening or embarrassing, sometimes both. That continues to be the case as he grows. Example from yesterday upon his arriving home from school. “Mom, I’ve got bad news. The crayon hog girl is a tell on now too.” Me: “Oh really? Well what’s her name?” D: “I don’t know; she just hogs the pens and stuff.” So she sits at his table for how long and he only knows her for hogging crayons. Nice.

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