You’ve got Spinach in Your Teeth

Warning: Idiot present!

DUDE??? Why didn’t you tell me. What? I needed to be told?
That piece was so big, I should have felt it myself!

So, I told you that this little girl is named Sophka.

Honestly, somehow, I didn’t think of the idea that Marnie was a fake name to cover a real name. Her name is one thing on the health summary that I was sent, another thing on the video that I was sent, the secret password including the name given for the same girl’s matching on Reece’s Rainbow. I was puzzled, did you follow that? Well I didn’t, I was just confused on how one kid could have so many names. I thought that I asked the program director for the country, but I must not have because it was her that informed me of my mistake after she found the Facebook page that I created as a platform for fund raising for, “Marnie”


All of this after I took an evening to set up a fund raising page. Only the profiled information shown on Reece’s Rainbow many be given out. Nothing else. After her name is #29-8. “#” indicates what country she is from, which is to be refered to as, “B” and the number following that I believe indicates what agency she is available through.


Looking in the mirror, I think I got my adoption social phobia scrutiny flossed away.

Inside the ache is still pounding into my ego.

A few days since this shake up, I’m totally stealing someone’s hilarious comic of a friend telling her comrade that spinach is well, in her teeth.

If you noticed my spinach…why didn’t you tell me? It’s likely this will happen again, I’ve been known to leave my house without having looked in the mirror. Maybe I’d better change my ways.

Well, lesson learned. Only expose the personal identity of the children legally yours.

Should I create secret alter ego identies for Diederick, Carly, Koen & Abegayle?

You know what? That’s a great idea! Accepting ideas. 1. 2. 3. GO!

Also, if you have spinach–either literal or otherwise–I sware that I absolutely will tell you.
Please, I expect no less from you. I have plenty of floss, and a mirror…just tell me where to look.


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