Right here.

So. It’s the middle of January. What have you done?

I’m doing what I always do. Keeping up with my kids, needing tomorrow to finish today’s To Do list and feeling that there’s something missing.

Darren and I are so blessed! We’ve made it across the country, and are actually coming up on 10 years of marriage. The children are growing and while we have our points in which we see such room for improvement, we have every day opportunity for thankfulness.

The gusto of new years ambitions are waning and the reality of true success being keeping consistency what already works has strongly set in. I’ve dropped the direct marketing company “It Works” as it was not working for me. I broke in tears when I didn’t get people to sign under me to receive the companies products. I think my husband saw how ridiculous that was before I did. Making my way posting graphics of peoples bellies under toned then in better shape just really isn’t what I want the majority of my postings to be across social media. That said, however, I have not ceased to imagine that I may find my place in direct marketing.
Whatever I do, I have to make sure that my energy is first to my family and then to business.

There are always kids to get up, dress, feed, get out of the house, house to clean and kids to feed again and to put to bed. I need to fill my time with something awesome that helps people live a happier life and I’d love for that to extend beyond me. Why? Because there’s nothing healthy about a life that begins and ends with me.

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