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122(ND, 2013)

I thought you were gone,

You were entirely unaccessable, dear friend for what seemed a better part of forever creating a deep blah in my bits of whatever it is that I do all day. I felt so empty without you, space in cyberspace that has been with me for 8 years and two months, it was like those years just fell out of my life…more or less!

I still have the terrific people or actually some of them in my life yet as I did when I started out. Since I lost you I stopped taking pictures every day and logging moments that ought to be written about. My son is 7 this month, let this be the month that I begin writing every day again. Diederick was born in the metaphorical pages of oraeley. I’ve gotten sloppy over the past year as my mind is covered in stacks of laundry and piles of dishes, crumbs on the floor and smudges on the walls from busy little hands.

The big news since I last cracked into oraeley dot com is that Marnie the beautiful girl from Eastern Europe who I fell in love with over Christmas through Reece’s Rainbow

has been claimed for adoption by a wonderful family on the West Coast, not more than a days drive from where Darren and I now live. Click here for a link to their introduction and donate button (10% of all donations go to Voice of Hope fund).

My prayers for this girl could not been more clearly spoken to than they are now with this development. She is to be adopted into a family that already has two young ladies with Down Syndrom, coming home too with a little boy from the same country.

Yana still rests in a orphanage in Russia, a country that has closed it’s doors to outgoing USA adoptions. My heart is broken for this, and her life and being is always on my mind every second of the day. Thanks be, she has been in a handful of news casts in Russia which I’ve been blessed to see. She’s growing up beautifully and is living in such a lovely place, but sadly it is a baby home which she will age out of. My petition of the Lord is that she would be seen by a Russian family who would find it in their hearts to bring this beautiful young lady into their home and raise her as their daughter. This is said to be unlikely, as traditionally families want children who are by their cultural standards perfect. I’m linking here my favorite video article with Yana in it, I’ve watched this more times than I can even tell you. Click here

No new babies in our house, though we do talk about bringing foster care into our family dynamics (I’ve taken all the required classes, we filled out all the paperwork, and I’ve gone in to do my finger printing. I’m waiting on Darren writing his autobiography! We’re nervous about the Home Study, this house very lived in!).

My sister in Oregon welcomed with her husband a new baby girl who I will have the privilege of meeting next month. Aubrey is 1 month old. 1010751_10152918427400577_106386260_n


Glad to be back!!!!

Prepare yourself for plenty of photo filled posts! I’m back, baby.

Plenty more coming from the Harr house. :)

PS: It was actually just 3 months since I was last able to long in, but still just the idea that the writings of 1,254 posts could blow away was rough.

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  1. Grammamomma says:

    Yay! So happy for you! I’m looking forward to your blog posts :)

  2. Auntie Becca says:

    yaay! auntie gets to keep up with nieces and nephews!

  3. Laura says:

    And other things that I think about. Thanks for checking in!

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