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So I’m still thinking about Darren, reading more about Hydrocephalus; the little girl that I’m going to introduce to you in my next post has the same condition and is facing being moved to an adult mental institution if not adopted soon as she has just turned 5 years old which is the age that children in her country are moved from their baby house. On Sunday I found a video that brings home the need of orphans with this condition.

And all of the sudden, this is personal. Someone has to come of this child! I found that his profile was listed with Reece’s Rainbow on June 6th, that means by the time school starts his profile will be gone unless someone steps forward saying that they will adopt him. Some times kids profiles are relisted after being removed. Since Darren is so young he’s more likely to be chosen.

The child in this video is dead now, the video was posted 4 years ago. Certainly enough time for the ants who were crawling in her jammies to eat her flesh. Is Darren’s orphanage better, I hope my heart out that it is and that he will live to see treatment and to just live in the warmth and comfort of a loving family.

Do you know a family who could reach to him? Comment and I can direct you to where you need to be for more information.

Pray Darren home; wherever that may be.

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