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I mentioned the lilies trees that are right outside my house yesterday, so of course have to share them with you, in so much as is possible. A photo is worth a thousand words, but neither can quite describe the scent, only experience holds that treasure. None the less, they only last a matter of days at best, two weeks. The lilies are gorgeous and taller and thicker every year; this season the kids could push their weight against the lilies stalk without it breaking. Each year the scent is stronger and the resilience greater. Is that true with your happy memories? Mine are, the further in the past happy points are, the more I appreciate them. In saying that I do not intend to imply that life should be lived inside out, looking back rather than forward, rather in my own way I seek to imply that fond recollections can build passion and belief, even in something elusive, stronger to the point that others can share that love and appreciation for a passion that began possibly before they were even born.

Drawing too much out of flowers when I should really be hitting the laundry? Yeah, OK.
These lilies mean a lot to me; when they first open the smell is intoxicating. Just as a candle might be in it’s ability to rekindle a favorite past time held in presence of such an aroma. For me it’s the calling back of high strung nerves, excitement and uncertainty. The biggest day of my life. Yes. The day I forgot to shave my armpits and said, “I do”

Coming up on 8 years, baby.

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