Done with Summer School


Diederick finished up summer school on Thursday and today got his report card; really just a description of what he learned and recognition that he had been there all 18 days of class. It ran Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-11:30am. I find myself letting out a breath of relief seeing that according to school standards he’s finally ready for the 1st grade. The summer classes have been excellent for him, there were nine kids total rather than the 28 that he learned amongst during the past school year.

Day after Labor Day Carly will start school, riding the bus along side Diederick. This will be the first year that our school district has had five day a week full day Kindergarten. Koen will be in Preschool two afternoons out of the week. Abegayle will stay home to keep me company and be ready to see anyone off to the bus and be there for them to get off. She loves waving good bye and hello to the children, smiling as if the show is all about her.

My next post: Abegayle, the Ice Cream Addict. All babies are cute with icecream melt smeared across their face; this one is no exception. :)

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