Lets Try this Again

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Today’s picture taken from Olympic Game Farm, our adventure had for Diederick’s 7th birthday last month. Yes, yes…my boy is seven. Typing “Diederick” and “Seven years old” here is quite the thing, considering that this was really his baby book those years ago. So many pictures of his little face, posts full of cute quotes and fun activities.

Tomorrow is a big day for this guy; it’s his second EEG test to help doctors determine if our little man has a seizure disorder. The last time the test results were negative, bordering on inconclusive under the situation of him having moved around too much during the test. According to the nurse practitioner who we had a consultation with last week in Seattle, the EEG that we had done 4 years ago was actually an adult EEG.

Right now I’m busy trying to keep Deeds awake so that he can be properly sleep deprived for the 1:45pm test. Good luck to Darren on keeping Diederick awake over the 2 hour drive down to Seattle.
EEG =Electroencephalogram

We’re hoping for a yes on him having Absence Seizures. Not that we want him to have a label, but that we see a problem and hope to treat it with a proper diagnosis. Here’s a slideshow with a definition, you know, if you’re interested in learning about it but are tired of reading. It could happen.

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