Two Twins


21221093758-200x300“I had a neat dream, Mommy”

Time to pour that cup of coffee and sit down to hear about my 5 year old daughters imagination come to life as only the night can do.

With this daughter I expect stuff like, “I was Rainbow Dash and I swirled up all the clouds in Cloud City. I was so amazing that the Wonderfuls begged me to be in their team!”

This morning Carly went a step above on the bazar-o-meter.

So here it is…

You know your twin? Sarah. I dreamed that she had another twin, it looked just like her but was different. You were mad that she got another twin because you’re her twin. Anywayzzzz….so then a little while longer down the road while you guys were napping, Sarah’s other twin got in you guysez car and drove away. Then you guys started to cry in your naps. Sarah and you woke up both of you and cried then you wondered why so you found Sarah’s other twin and she died because she crashed. But then you were happy because of Heaven.


I must have looked shocked at this ultra creepy neat dream

My nutsy daughter went on to tell me, “Don’t worry, Sarah’s extra twin was cute and you liked her too, Mom and there was Heaven, remember? When you have two twins that’s tiplets!”

Almost positive Sarah doesn’t have another twin. If she does, hopefully she’s not dying in a car accident!

There are twins in trouble though everywhere. One set is Nadia and Nancy, one month older than my son, Diederick. Just this weeks news has come that they have been moved from the orphanage where they’ve grown up to this point into an adult institution. This does not effect their ability to be adopted internationally, but it does mean that their lives will be less comfortable. Some children do not live much longer after being aging out of orphanage and into the institutionalized environment.

Once kids make this move they are outside of domestic public eye. Without the care they had before the situation seems hopeless. Is it though?

There are so many like the two twins from Eastern Europe whose chances of having a future with a family seem to be quickly slipping away.

As long as they’re alive their story ought to be too. I can imagine these twins with their deep auburn hair in long french braids and their dark hazel eyes dancing with delight as they swing high on a swing in a large country garden. God knows where their place will be. I hope it’ll be somewhere enjoyable where all their medical needs can be tended to, where they can meet their full potential.

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, “Give them up!” and to the south, “Do not hold them back.” Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth” Isaiah 43:5-6

SEPTEMBER 26,2014 update: The girls are being adopted. Nadia and Nancy are going home, and not a moment too soon. Their new mom blogs at Rebecca the Saint
. While I am not an incredible money bagger I want to be part of the journey to bring the girls home and have asked if I can rejoin the Family Warrior program with them.

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