Koen and Keegan

1379360_10153435361545425_1905920477_nKoen William is my second son. He’s only 17 months younger than his sister Carly, and came in a very busy time in our lives. We were just barely on our feet here in Washington. Koen was born on a chilly morning in October 2009. The day we brought him home it was windy and misty outdoors. I remember the kids being in their jammies with jam and toast crumbs all over. They had huge smiles on their faces and it was all we could do just to keep them sitting the drive home. Life has been a non-stop adventure since Koen joined our ranks.

4 years old this past Monday. Sometimes Darren describes this little guy as, “such a beautiful child” and he is just that. An ardent Curious George fan, this guy can fix or accomplish anything from pouring himself a cup of eggnog from a full carton to pounding nails outside. No help needed–this guy is innovative and independent. While those things, he’s also an old soul full of love. His smile melts my heart and his care for all creatures nearly warms my heart. Between ourselves Darren and I contemplate what our plans are for having Koen be friends with children his own age. His best friend is his little sister, Abegayle They’ve become close as the other two are in school full days, five days a week.

My subject is “Koen and Keegan because I want to tell you about a little boy listed for adoption from China. Keegan-1-274x300

One day when Koen was sitting on my lap at the computer I was looking through the faces on the Recently listed section on Reece’s Rainbow. Koen was captured by his age mate, Keegan. Instead of saying something negative about this little guy, Koen said,

“That little boy must really hurt”

From Keegan’s file:

“Boy, born July 2009
post-burn cicatricial contracture sotomy deformity of face, scar proliferation contracture deformity after empyrosis in right hand

Meet precious 4 year old, Keegan. When Keegan was a baby he was involved in an accident that resulted in his scalp, face and right hand/arm being severely burned. Some issues Keegan has include: the absence of most of his hair and missing fingers on his right hand. He has “nubbies.” He is also missing the outer right ear. Keegan has trouble closing his eyes and his nose has lost the sense of smell. While these issues seem large, they are manageable. Hats, sunscreen, garments, and masks can help Keegan with his burn injuries. Shriner’s in Cincinnati can help children with burn injuries at no out-of-pocket cost to the family.

Keegan can use his right hand in a limited way. He has become left handed as a result of his injuries. Keegan is smart and likes to help his foster mom with household tasks. He can help with holding his own bowl, goes to the bathroom on his own, and can climb a slide. Keegan is learning to count, sing children’s songs and say his ABC’s. He knows animals and sounds. He likes electronics, TV, DVD’s, CD’s, and the cell phone. He enjoys playing with other kids and is sad when they leave. He is affectionate with his foster mom.

Keegan is a SURVIVOR! Keegan can go far… he just needs a chance! Is Keegan your son?

Keegan has a Brighter Futures agency grant for $5,000 and his orphanage donation will be reduced by at least half, possibly more.”

Click here to learn more about the requirements to adopt from Keegan’s country. Scroll down until you see China

It’s a wonder that so many people bring home children from Keegan’s country! Could you do it? We certainly can not.

I read the whole couple paragraphs there about this four year old to my four year old. Now and again Koen still asks if he can please she the picture of his friend who can’t smell and lost his fingers. He always asks me if Keegan hurts and if Jesus can make his owies go away.

You may think it’s wrong of me to let my kids see, even know about other children who have had different lives. For me it’s a blessing to my kids to know that there is that difference out there, those youngsters have the same Lord that we do and can learn to pray to Him also. We read scripture about God’s love for little ones and ask that he provide all that is needed for health and wellbeing.

This Sunday night I wanted to share Koen’s friend who he’ll never meet this side of Heaven with you. Perhaps you’ll be blessed to see him too, as my son is. I smile when I see Keegan and rest in the promise that God holds children in his hand. There’s no safer place to be.

It’s so important to see these children as individuals. It’s important for your kids to pray for others by name, God knows who they are.

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