Born for Bolden

The little boy who is blind that I blogged about a few weeks ago has been seen and committed to join a family. I do not know who the family is yet but certainly look forward to supporting them financially. OK. I can’t support them, but I will donate $40 when donations are accepted which should be soon.


For now as much is known by me as ever there was: He’s a baby who blind, an orphan in Eastern Europe who needs a family. Some of these little ones are given up by their parents voluntarily left at orphanages, others are actual orphans, not just legally but by the death of their parents.

Hurray for God, providing for just one more orphan giving a family the desire and hopefully ability to give this child a home that will serve his needs.

The awesome thing about adoption is that before time that child was made for that new family. I believe this and that’s why I’ve called this post Born for Bolden. After these kids who are dear to my heart are found by families I have an embarrassing ache in my heart, wishing with a little piece of myself growing all the time, that I were that family.

My next child to have heavily in prayer is a boy who is two months younger than Diederick. This boy is an orphan by the death of his mom in 2011. He is a darling young fellow who, because he has had that close nurturing relationship with a parent seems likely to adjust to a family, apposed to the poor darlings who have grown up institutionalized.


January 2014. Bolden is to be adopted by a family and is already fully funded.

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