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Meet Braden. NO I AM NOT JUST GOING DOWN THE B’s!! Although it looks like it, doesn’t it? I’m rejoicing for a boy named Bolden in my last post, now taking up in prayer another young man in the same country who has a similar name. “Braden” is only the name given him by Reece’s Rainbow to protect his identity.


There is a story behind why I have decided to watch over the case of an older child, but more of that another time.

There’ll be a picture of Bolden the arms of his parents, if all goes well. Within a year even. If someone were to find Braden now, the same could be true for him. He could celebrate his next birthday in your home, or yours, or yours. You do not have to be wealthy to adopt. It’s a leap of faith, for anyone. Braden’s heart is weak. The prayer here is that someone has the heart strong enough to support him, knowing that anything could happen.

Just $5 in his adoption fund.

This is at least a $12,000 adoption. Upwards to $22K.

Boy, born September 2006

Mental delays, dysontogenetic cardiopathy, convergent squint, umbilical hernia.

Braden lived with his mother until her death before entering the orphanage last year (2011). You can tell he was LOVED and taken care for. He is doing quite well compared to many of the other children which is attributed to being in a family versus institution. Who knows how much he could improve with the love of a family! He also has a caregiver he has attached to.

He is a mobile child and very active. He tries to walk himself. He understand what most people are talking about but he can’t talk in sentences. He can pronounce some words. He can’t service himself, need assistance to eat. He tries to hold a spoon in his hands. He recognizes his caregivers and can follow simple instructions. These are all GOOD things!

Update June 2013:
Braden is a very sweet little guy. He is very controlled in his movement and behavior. He understands what you say to him and he responds to directions. He comes highly recommended for adoption by his orphanage as they have seen much progress and potential for him.

I have had the privilege of getting in touch with a woman who met “Braden” two years ago. From what she had to say I can imagine this little boy being a wonderful addition to a loving home in any birth order.
The world will never run out of orphans, and I’m afraid my obsession with learning more about them and pleading with the Lord to provide them homes will never stop. There’s a tremendous comfort in knowing these kids, even in the very limited way that I do.

“Braden” was listed in October 2012. He’ll be listed until he ages out in his country, or of course gets adopted!

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